Directors Income Support Scheme (#DISS)

I drafted this policy to assist the govenrment in helping those limited company directors who had been left without meaningful support during the Coronavirus pandemic.  There had been a problem with providing help to these directors because of the problem in quantifying dividends.  I came up with an alternative, to use trading profits, and drafted a policy to help the government understand how they could implement the policy.  Despite working with the Financial Secretary to the Treasury (FST) - Jesse Norman and officials from HMRC and HMT, the policy was not adopted in the end.  I worked with the campaign group #ForgottenLtd, the FSB and the ACCA.

Targeted Income Grant Scheme (#TIGS)

I moved on from the DISS policy to draft a policy to help a wider sector of the self-employed who had been excluded from meaningful support during the Coronavirus pandemic.   Working with the Gaps in Support All Party Paliamentary Group (APPG), I drafted the TIGS policy and submitted it again to the FST.  Working with the FST and his officials we managed to include a further 600,000 self-employed people into the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS).

Press Coverage:

Mulitple coverage in the Financial Times, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, etc...

Umbrella Company Regulation - Call for Regulation

This policy was drafted to help the government bring forward regulation for umbrella companies and to protect the umbrella company worker.

Press Coverage:

17 May - The Guardian - Hidden cost of umbrella companies in UK may cost £4.5bn a year

18 May - The Yorkshire Post - Chancellor-must-regulate-umbrella-companies-which-are-cheating-taxman-and-workers-out-of-billions-of-pounds

19 May - The Financial Times - Umbrella Companies need to be regulated

17 May - LBC interview with Claer Barrett from the FT

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